Monday, March 24, 2008

My Gift from God

A son


happymommy said...

This is so sweet. I love reading your profile on this blog. So true. Obviously, every word u said comes from the deepest of your heart. You're a great mom. :)

TroubleX2 said...

Thanks so much for making my day :)

Victor said...

Hey, thanks for the comment :) ... miserable backs love company!... lol ... or something

I think I'm always depressed, kind of like a white noise in the background of my life. It comes out in my blog every now and then. It never really drags me down too far though... even if it might appear that way in words.

I love your pictures! The Cardinals are just awesome. I only see a Cardinal two or three times a year here.

Alexandria said...

Gorgeous picture. You son is very handsome. And I agree, any child is a gift from God.